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$40 for a 1-year duet membership for free event tickets

Problem: You love going to shows (of all kinds) but it's seemingly impossible to see everything you want without breaking the bank. Solution: FillASeatAtlanta, a portal to event tickets in your beloved city. FillASeat, now in 16 major cities and growing, claims tickets to undersold concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, and theatre shows and offers them up to members for FREE, y'all. All you have to do is sign up for membership (half off now!) and check their online database (updated 24/7) for whatever strikes your fancy. The solution is simple and FillASeatAtlanta is here to swell your social calendar without draining your finances.

Member must be an Atlanta Area Resident or Local Military with valid ID. Member must be 21 or over to join and have Internet and Email Access. Must register within 90 days. New members only.

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